Song of a Citizen

Song of a Citizen is a group of political thinkers and artists concerned with the lack of civic engagement and political literacy in the United States.

From the About page on their website:

“Song Of A Citizen” is a non-profit, non-partisan collaboration of prominent thinkers and artists producing innovative films and web videos designed to spark a national conversation about what it really means to be a fully engaged and effective citizen in modern times — how we-the-people are measuring up — how we can do better — and why we must.

We have two main goals.  One is to inspire fellow Americans to acknowledge that we all need to start taking our jobs as citizens more seriously — much more seriously — as the only way we’ll ever fix broken government, and our dangerously dysfunctional democracy.

And we also seek to help relieve the frustration most citizens feel by showcasing proven methods that ordinary people are already using to engage with each other across partisan divides in a highly productive way.

Founded by writer and documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Abelson, other “Friends and Supporters” are listed here.


About ilyse kazar

Ilyse Kazar is a planeteer. She is also a writer, small-org consultant, solutions architect, community organizer, animal lover, eternal student, and amateur artist. She lives and works in the Lower East Side NYC.
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