#Occupy Activist Jelani Mashariki to Run for New York City Council

Bum Rush the Vote announced today the second candidate to run under their people’s PAC banner — Jelani Mashariki is launching his campaign to represent his Brooklyn district in the New York City Council this evening with a fundraising party at the Rustik Tavern in Brooklyn.

Mashariki is the second candidate to run under the “Bumrush The Vote” banner, the first, congressional candidate George Martinez, made national headlines using Bumrush The Vote’s unique grassroots approach. Mashariki’s candidacy announcement serves as the latest chapter in his life-long story of community organizing and social justice advocacy.

Jalani Mashariki is a Brooklyn native, child of the Crown Heights Youth Collective, a Brooklyn College graduate, an inaugural AmeriCorps volunteer focusing in HIV outreach, an activist with Black Veterans for Social Justice, the Director of Pamoja House Homeless Men’s Shelter, Co-founder of the Global Block Foundation & U.S. Cultural Envoy, an Occupy Wall Street & Occupy the Hood activist, and is currently the Dean of Liberation of the Paul Robeson Freedom School.

…via #Occupy Activist Jelani Mashariki to Run for New York City Counsel.


About ilyse kazar

Ilyse Kazar is a planeteer. She is also a writer, small-org consultant, solutions architect, community organizer, animal lover, eternal student, and amateur artist. She lives and works in the Lower East Side NYC.
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