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#Occupy Activist Jelani Mashariki to Run for New York City Council

Bum Rush the Vote announced today the second candidate to run under their people’s PAC banner — Jelani Mashariki is launching his campaign to represent his Brooklyn district in the New York City Council this evening with a fundraising party … Continue reading

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Trash sorter fights wage theft, and wins

(This post was originally published in Workhorse Politics) This vid was made by the venerable organization Interfaith Worker Justice. It’s a heart-warming success story told with great humor by Cleve Williams, a trash sorter at an Ohio recycling plant. Cleve … Continue reading

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596 Acres — Organizing the Organizers to claim public land

596 Acres was launched in 2011 when its founders set out to identify all parcels of public land sitting vacant in Brooklyn, mapped the results, and calculated that there were no fewer than 596 acres of publicly-owned land in that … Continue reading

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Bum Rush the Vote

Bum Rush the Vote is a grassroots “PAC” launched in Brooklyn, New York, whose mission it is to erode the money-fueled corrupt political system in the United States by dint of supporting political campaigns that run candidates from the general … Continue reading

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Bubble up change and the public school system

Given the unlikelihood that, anytime soon, public schools will make significant moves away from teaching anything other than conformity and a childish relationship to the state that does not emphasize the power of the individual nor of communities to create … Continue reading

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